How to export goods?



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How to export goods?

How to export goods?

1.      To export like importing, you need to get a business card. Individuals wishing to export goods and services must first obtain a real or legal business card through the steps defined by the Chamber of Commerce. Tejarat News, in a report entitled “How to get a business card?” explained the steps of receiving it in detail.

2.      In the second step, the issuer must open a bank account. Opening an account in a foreign country is a necessity for exporting.

3.      In the third stage, product marketing must be done. Marketing means knowing the foreign markets and finding a customer for your product. This is done through dialogue and negotiation with buyers, use of official information and statistics, attendance at international exhibitions, contact with business advisors and other methods.

4.      Issuance of pre-invoice is the fourth step in the export process. In order for the customer to become familiar with the type and quality of goods and services, as well as the seller, the exporter must send a pre-invoice that includes information about the exporter, company, organization, goods, and so on.

5.      Packaging and preparation of goods is done in the fifth step. At this stage, the exporter must package the product according to the standards of the destination country and deliver it to the buyer by air, land or sea.

6.      In the sixth step, the customs price of the goods must be determined. At this stage, all costs related to the exported goods must be calculated.

7.      The seventh step is to obtain a license to export goods from the relevant institutions. At this stage, the exporter of goods must obtain the necessary permits from relevant institutions such as the Ministry of Jihad for Agriculture, the Ministry of Health, the National Organization for Standardization, and so on.

8.      Declaring export goods to customs is a step that must be done in the eighth stage. After completing the previous steps, the exporter must transport the goods to the customs with the necessary documents and obtain the export declaration from that organization.

9.      The ninth step is to insure the goods. The exporter must insure his goods in accordance with international rules while transporting his goods to customs and determining the duty of the declaration.

10.  Obtaining an inspection certificate is a step that must be taken in the tenth step. The buyer and seller sign a contract with one of the inspection bodies, which is mainly international, to obtain the inspection certificate required for this step.

11.  In this step, the certificate of origin and the giving of sales invoice must be done. The Chamber of Commerce, after viewing the sales invoice of origin, issues the bill of lading with two customs licenses.

12.  In the twelfth step, which is the final stage of the work, the goods must be exported. At this stage, the transport company receives a customs clearance permit from the exporter of the goods and transports it to the destination country after loading.

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